HTSI, granted Biosphere Tourism and SAFE TRAVELS certification



The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi (Ramon Llull University) has been granted two quality certifications: Biosphere Tourism and SAFE TRAVELS by the World Travel Tourism Council (WTTC).

The Biosphere Tourism certification for sustainable tourism recognizes companies that design products and services that are respectful, non-aggressive, and that meet users’ needs without putting the future of society and the planet at risk.

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Anna Bellmàs, European tourism expert and HTSI alumnus: “The current situation has its days numbered. The tourism sector will bloom once again”



We interviewed Anna Bellmàs, a marketing project manager for the European Travel Commission, and discussed the international promotion of Europe as a destination.

Bellmàs holds a Bachelor’s in Tourism and Hospitality Management from HTSI. Her professional career has been defined by excellence (she received multiple scholarships) as well as international experience.

We also discussed tourism in Europe after COVID-19 and the measures being taken to address the pandemic and reactivate the sector.

What is the European Travel Commission (ETC)?

It’s an international non-profit that works to promote Europe as a sustainable tourism destination in the main long-distance markets. We focus particularly on China, the United States, Canada and Brazil, but also on Japan, Australia, and others.

The ETC currently has 33 members; they represent the national tourism organizations of 33 European countries. The ETC provides them with a wide range of market intelligence services and works to promote an exchange of best practice.

My main role in the organization is to manage projects and marketing campaigns promoting experiences involving nature, rural tourism and slow adventures in Europe.

You’ve received several scholarships. Tell us about your professional career!

I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management from HTSI in 2015. Soon afterwards, I started working at the central offices of the Catalan Tourist Board. I worked in the operational marketing department, where I found my passion for tourism promotion.

Later on, I was selected by the Spanish Tourism Institute to receive one of their scholarships to promote Spain as a destination abroad. It included a master’s degree in international tourism promotion in Madrid and a one-year internship at their tourism office in Buenos Aires.

After a year in Argentina, I decided to come back to Europe. I was chosen to work in the Catalan Tourism Office in Benelux, so I wound up in Brussels. After two years promoting Catalonia, I started my current job at the European Travel Commission. That’s where I started promoting Europe as a destination internationally.

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Internship at African Xplora for the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism



Francesc Jorba, a 3rd-year student of the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism at HTSI, is an intern at African Xplora. He is one of over 100 students completing their internships in spite of the pandemic

According to Francesc, his internship is proving to be a real adventure.


Tell us about your job. What’s your day-to-day like? 

One thing I really like is that I don’t have to do the same thing day after day, because I’m interning at a really small company that was created just over two years ago. I’ve been a part of different departments, and I’ve had all sorts of assignments: creating a new webpage, working with Excel to calculate costs and other things, serving as a guide for a few days, seeking partnerships with visits to hotels and other companies… 

My day-to-day is constantly changing; but basically, I work two days a week from home and two days directly with my boss and a few other employees. I spend another day looking for new opportunities for the company, either on my own or with someone else.

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Selina: “HTSI students are extremely dynamic, passionate and committed”



Selina isn’t a traditional hotel company. With an innovative concept of hospitality, it invests in “digital nomads” and coworking. It also has an internship program aimed at a new generation of “digital nomads”, travellers who want to explore the world while working remotely.

Selina is one of the companies where HTSI students can complete their internships. We discussed these internships with Javier Paéz, campus recruiter. 


How important are internships to students’ professional careers?

Professional internships are a great opportunity not only for students to apply what they learn during their studies, but also to challenge themselves. During their internships, students learn from the activities they complete while also seeing how they react personally in a professional setting. In essence, it’s a self-evaluation exercise.

Through our internship program, at Selina we combine professional experience with a profound sense of belonging to our surroundings, our culture, and our true, significant connections.

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Grupo Pulitzer Hoteles: “HTSI students are professional, eager to learn, and highly involved”



In this interview, we discussed the contributions, supervision and success of HTSI interns with Aitor Alonso, human resources director for Grupo Pulitzer Hoteles. 

How important are internships to students’ professional careers?

For Grupo Pulitzer Hoteles, it’s really important that students choose us as a place to intern. For many of them, we’re their first contact with the professional world, so we take into account their inclusion and personalized supervision in each department; we make sure they feel like part of the family, and we give them a chance to learn, make mistakes, and evolve throughout their time with us.

Plus, we stay in direct contact with each student to make sure that at the end of their internship they’re even more motivated to stay in the hotel sector—we want them to eventually become our future leaders.

 Why are interns important for companies and the sector? What do they contribute to the industry?

 For our company, having students who want to intern in all our departments is key; they provide a breath of fresh air, they support us, and they play an essential role in our everyday activities. Plus, they offer an external point of view on new challenges and motivations when it comes to attracting future employees from the sector. All this allows us to implement or apply changes to make sure we always have the most talented individuals.


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Objective: travel to all 194 countries



“My name is Alexis Pierre Ramos Riviere. I’m a graduate of the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management (2014) and a French citizen. I’ve been constantly on the move ever since I was little. I was born in Paris, and when I was two my family and I moved to Santiago de Chile. From there, we moved to Madrid, Biarritz and Barcelona. I’ve had all sorts of nationalities since I was a child, speaking three languages daily and with the mindset of a Niño del Mundo—a ‘child of the world’.”

“Eventually, I grabbed my backpack and set out to circle the globe. That marked the start of my real life, as an adventurer. My goal was to make it to Australia from my house in Biarritz without ever setting foot on an aeroplane. That’s also when I created my Facebook travel blog, Carnet de Voyages, where I post pictures, videos and information on my adventures all around the world.”

“Since then, I’ve worked while I travel: wine businesses in Central America, crossing the Atlantic on a 14-metre catamaran, making music and recording music videos around the world… Finally, I found my way to Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, where I am now, ready to start my career as an artist with a great team. My stage name is Niño del Mundo. You can find me on Facebook (@CarnetdeVoyagesAlexisRamos and @ninodelmundo777), Instagram (Adventurous_Frenchy1991 and ninodelmundo_kingpirata)”.

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Condes Hotels: “Students bring passion, energy and new perspectives to the profession”



Carlos López is the internship program manager for Condes Hotels, one of the chains where students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hotel Management complete their mandatory internships. We spoke with him about talent and skills.

How important are internships to students’ professional careers?

Having an internship at a first-class company as a first contact with the world of gastronomy and hotels is a great opportunity. Internships help complement academic training with real experiences; students join our teams and are treated like just another staff member. Plus, it’s a good way to get to know the company, and it opens the door to professional opportunities in the future.

Why are interns important for companies and the sector? What do they contribute to the industry?

Students are the future of our profession, and contact with the reality of companies needs to be a part of their training. University students bring passion, energy and new perspectives to the profession.

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The essence of the journey is the people you meet


nina-roma_amsterdam-1“My name is Nina Roma. I was born in Barcelona on March 3rd, 1991, to a Catalan mother and an Italian father. Traveling gives me a reason to exist, and writing helps me experience it. What’s my hobby? Meeting people on the street. My ideal life? Living in a different city each month. Getting to know people, letting myself be inspired, and soaking up the vibe of each destination. Sometimes, I also give lectures on the message of living, which fascinates me. Every now and then, I offer a reflection that gives my audience a taste of a different reality; of course, I always add a dash of humour. Ever since I was born, I’ve had a rare disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa, so some people call me a “butterfly child”. You can follow me on Instagram at @ninetaroma”


I travel because… 

Because it’s the only way to find myself. My true self comes out when I’m on a plane, eager to catch a whiff of a new city, a city yet to be discovered.

How many countries have you visited? 

Twelve: Spain, Italy, France, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Greece, Andorra, the United Arab Emirates, and Japan. 

Choose one country and tell us why.

Japan. It was always my dream to go, and it still is. Because of the culture, all the beautiful temples, and the close connection people have with nature.

Is there anywhere you’d never visit again? 

There’s no destination I’d never go back to. I can’t leave a place satisfied unless I’m certain I’ll be back someday. 

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Internship in a marketing agency for influencers, as part of the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism


jana-galanJana Galán, a 3rd-year student of the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism at HTSI, is completing an internship at the Barcelona headquarters of an agency and platform for influencer marketing. We spoke with her about working with Leaders, the influencers market, and on social networks. Galán made it clear that this internship has helped her find her path in life.


Tell us about your job. What’s your day-to-day like? 


Mostly, I support the team that prepares and executes campaigns with influencers. When we get a request for a new campaign, we do an initial search for profiles that might fit what our client is looking for. We also prepare a proposal with a creative concept and a sample of the most appropriate profiles.


If the sales team manages to close the deal, we start recruitment (contacting influencers or their managers), and we put together different profiles and publication dates. Next, we ask influencers for the content they’ve created so we can validate it before it gets published on Instagram/TikTok/YouTube/Twitch. That’s when the campaign “goes live”: different profiles post their content. 


Once the campaign is over, we ask for the results of the publications, we analyse them, and we complete a final report to show the client. Each day is different, and we get all sorts of clients—it’s super interesting!

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An HTSI investigation studies the contributions of women’s associations to female empowerment


la-contribucion-de-las-asociaciones-de-mujeres-a-su-empoderamiento“Women managers in tourism: Associations for building a sustainable world” is the title of an article by HTSI researchers and professors Daniela Freund and Gilda Hernández. The article, published in the April edition of Tourism Management Perspectives, focused on the contributions of women’s associations to female empowerment in the tourism sector.

Although women make up a large part of the tourism workforce, they mostly hold low-level, precarious jobs. In management positions and on boards of directors, they are seriously underrepresented.

Through interviews with female leaders from management associations in Catalonia, this study identified the roles and goals of these associations, the barriers women have faced in their search for high-level corporate positions, and future challenges to female leadership.

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