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Carmen de la Maza

I work at Enjoy Barcelona. I’m the director of The 19th Hole, where we rent out spaces and meeting rooms. Because of the pandemic, right now I’m directing a seasonal hotel in Tossa de Mar.

My professional career started in the world of consulting. I studied business management for 15 years, and did different jobs in companies from the tech sector. After some time away from the professional world, I started a company exporting children’s furniture in Chile.

I studied hotel management so I could find my place in the tourism industry. After looking at the options in Barcelona, I concluded that HTSI was definitely the best choice.

What I would emphasize about HTSI is that they provide extremely practical training with professors who are also tourism executives. As a result, everything you learn is extremely valuable. Everything I learned is really useful in my day-to-day work. I also really love how accessible the professors are, and the small size of class groups.

What I would tell current students: Take advantage of the internships available at HTSI. Start working on your contact network with classmates and professors. This is an extremely collaborative sector, and they can often be a big help. You all know what a demanding sector Hospitality is!

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Ariadna Cullell

I work as a deputy director at Camping Interpals, on the beach in Pals, Girona.

My professional career started with a law degree. I worked as a lawyer specialized in tax and trade law at a firm in Barcelona until I decided to dive into the world of tourism.

I studied hotel management as a personal decision, and because my family has managed two campgrounds on the Costa Brava for over 50 years. I wanted to complement my legal and business training with the Master’s Degree in Hotel Business Management, and get the skills and knowledge I needed to manage tourism businesses.

What I would emphasize about HTSI is how great the professors are. The whole team is committed to training students, both in terms of education and professionally. They’re experts in the tourism sector, and they know how to transmit their knowledge, dedication, passion, experience and professionality—all the things you need in the sector. I also enjoyed the chance to do internships at quality tourism establishments. As for the classes, the program is well-rounded and adaptable, ready to meet the changing needs of the sector.

What I would tell current students: Get the most out of everything the professors teach you, be ready to learn more, and don’t be afraid to take on new professional challenges.

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Alberto Boillos

I work as a quality manager at Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower.

My professional career, after 4 years as the manager of different spaces, I decided to expand my knowledge. I chose HTSI because of the professionality they transmitted starting with the very first interview and all the job opportunities they had to offer. I was offered an internship as an assistant to the operations director at NH Collection Tower 5*, where they eventually hired me as a marketing coordinator and executive sales director.

I studied hotel management because I wanted to keep progressing professionally. The world of hotels offered plenty of opportunities for continued growth.

What I would emphasize about HTSI is its professionalism, how great the professors are, and how it helps you find your place in the job market.

What I would tell current students: Always work towards what you really want, and don’t give up until you get it. It isn’t always easy, but it’s always helped me.

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Pol Forcadell

I work as a hospitality consultant at Earns & Young.

My professional career started at Hotel Gran Claustre in Altafulla, where I got plenty of experience at the front desk and in events, reservations, etc. That allowed me to move on to l’Hostatgeria de Poblet. During my time there, I studied for my Master’s Degree in Hotel Management and found my place at a consulting firm. Right now, I work on new sales functionalities for different hotel chains.

I studied hotel management because it’s my passion. At first, I wasn’t sure whether I should study the Master’s Degree in Hotel Business Management or the Master’s Degree in Tourism and Events, but thanks to guidance from HTSI I managed to choose the program that fit me best.

What I would emphasize about HTSI is the guidance you get from professors and collaborators. They’re always ready to give you a hand. They provide an innovative way of learning, so you can study without having to stop working.

What I would tell current students: From the moment you first set foot on the HTSI campus, keep an open mind and be ready to absorb all the knowledge you can get from professors. Above all, seize the opportunity to network with both your professors and your classmates.

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Silvia Zarazaga

I work at Highlander Adventure as the head of Participant Services.

My professional career started at Majestic Hotel Group as a receptionist. The tourism sector is my passion, and I completed my studies with the Master’s Degree in Events at HTSI. That gave me the chance to take the plunge and do a quality internship at IRONMAN Spain, where they promoted me to coordinator for the Athlete Services Manager for IRONMAN Spain and Italy. Quality training and experience in the sector helped me to keep on growing professionally and find my current job.

I studied Events Management because I wanted to expand my knowledge and stand out in the field. I also like to travel, and events can take you all over the place—across your city, region or even abroad. Plus, generating experiences and emotions in others is really gratifying.

What I would emphasize about HTSI is the excellent dedication and experience of the educational team. They’re experts in the sector, and they know how to transmit professionality and passion for their work.

What I would tell current students: Training is key to growth on both a professional and a personal level.

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Damià Rodríguez

I work as an international account executive at Fira de Barcelona Internacional.

My professional career started during my studies in the Bachelor’s Program in Tourism, where I served as a venue and reception manager at Hotel Algadir, a revenue management assistant at Hilton Barcelona, and in the Food & Beverage Department and front office at Cotton House Hotel. In fact, one of the key advantages of HTSI is the partners it works with—they provide great internships in the sector. Thanks to the Master’s Degree in Business Tourism and Event Management, I got to organize corporate events for pharmaceutical companies at Atlanta Travel & Corporate Events for nearly six months.

I studied Events Management because tourism was and still is a constantly growing sector, with all its different aspects and variations. I think it has a bright future. Plus, I know how important it is to know how to work with others in this sector.

What I would emphasize about HTSI is the professionality and the quality of the institution. The professors also work in the sector, and they share their first-hand experiences.

What I would tell current students: Don’t just focus on the hotel sector. Tourism has all sorts of variations where you can develop yourself as a professional, and I think it’s a mistake to focus on just one. During your bachelor’s degree and master’s degree, be sure to do internships to see what you like and what you don’t.

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Joan Porta

I work as a freelancer in experience-based tourism.

My professional career after HTSI focused on organizing events for town councils and private companies in the Cerdanya region. Right now, I’m working on a project to bring local products to the world of tourism, and make visits by tourists a more authentic experience.

I studied Events Management because I believe events and personalization will be key to the future of tourism.

What I would emphasize about HTSI is all the experience the professors had, and the different visits and field trips.

What I would tell current students: Broaden your training as much as you can, and have clear objectives.

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Mireia Huerta

I work as CEO at Mia Events.

My professional career while I was studying, when I did an internship at Atlántida Viajes and Los Tilos, a modernista house specialized in events. I ended up organizing all the events and weddings held there. Then, I got a job at La Puta Suegra, where I worked for two years as the head of production for weddings and events, and as the group’s creative mind. I learned a lot; with everything I learned, I decided to found my own company.

What I would emphasize about HTSI  is how international it was. For me, the most important part was the chance to study abroad in the US, which I would highly recommend. That’s where I got my interest in events. Plus, I’d emphasize the language classes. They don’t just teach English; you can also choose between German and French, and for a while you could take extracurricular classes in Russian and Chinese in the afternoons. I studied German and Russian for 5 years. The internships were also really useful. Once you finish your studies, you have plenty of both theory and practice to put in your CV.

What I would tell current students: Take advantage of all the extracurricular activities the school has to offer. Study abroad; it’s a chance you only get once in a lifetime. During your internships, it’s important to make plenty of contacts; later on, they’re be a big help in the professional world.

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