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Masters in Barcelona

infoThe Master’s Degree in Hotel Management and the Master’s Degree in Business Tourism and Events will not be offered in the coming academic year. The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi has decided not to offer these programs during the 2021-2022 academic year so that we can work to renew them and adapt them to the new circumstances of the tourism and events sector. We’ll see you in 2022-2023!

HTSI offers Master's Degrees in Tourism, Hotel Management and Events

The master’s degrees at HTSI, part of Ramon Llull University in Barcelona, are based on four main pillars: hotel management, organizing events, developing leadership abilities, innovation and a close relationship with the international tourism and hotel industry.

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Our postgraduate training programs and our master’s degrees in tourism, hotel management and events provide the solid foundation you need to develop a successful professional career. They give students the skills they need in today’s tourism and hotel sector.

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Our master’s programs are based on blended learning and are taught in Spanish (some courses may be taught in English). They focus on hotel management and organizing events.

Content adapted to the new normal after COVID 19

HTSI takes into account the significant impact the so-called “new normal” is having on the tourism and hotel sector. We have updated and adapted the contents of our online master’s programs to meet the needs of the tourism and events industry.

In our two master’s programs, HTSI has created over 35 entirely new topics. We have also added additional information on new ways of working in hospitality and events to existing courses.

What do HTSI Master's Programs have t offer?

  1. A 365º look at the world of tourism, hotels, events and recreation. Get the knowledge you need to lead teams and manage businesses.

  2. Practical orientation and constant contact with the sector: specialized professors with real experience in the sector, technical visits, and the opportunity to take part in professional business internships.

  3. The development of management skills to put you in touch with the current field, its trends and risks, and to help you expand your professional horizons.

Reasons to get a Master's Degree in Tourism, Hotel management and Events

  • Get specialized and take a step towards a professional upgrade.
  • Get advanced knowledge and a look at new trends with the Master’s Degree in Tourism. Become an expert capable of managing tourism businesses, hotels, events and recreational activities.
  • Develop leadership and management skills.
  • Work with the best—expand your network of personal contacts with classmates and professors to benefit your professional future.
  • Stand out: make your professional profile more appealing to the job market.
  • If you have a business idea, use your final project to help get it started.
  • Study for a master’s degree in tourism in small groups, with a practical focus and personalized guidance.

Profiles: who gets these Master's Degrees?

  • Young professionals who want to improve their professional careers by leading teams in the tourism, hospitality, events and recreational sectors.
  • Current executives who want to take on new challenges and contribute more to their businesses.
  • Professionals from the tourism and hotel sector who want to turn their career around and play a management role in the world of tourism, hotels, events and recreation.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to learn how to make their idea a reality. master-turismo

Objective: get a professional upgrade

At HTSI, our goal is to guide you on the journey towards a professional upgrade. Our Career Services Department will help you create a personalized plan for improving your career: 

  1. A personalized plan that matches your needs, skills and preferences is key to finding the right job.
  2. During the Master’s Program in Tourism, you can take part in internships at prestigious companies. These training experiences are fundamental for students who want to find their spot in the world of tourism, hotels, events and recreation.
  3. Once you complete the program you will be a member of HTSI’s Alumni Community, with permanent access to our job pool.

During the program

  • Our methods are based on eminently practical training, where we reinforce your academic knowledge and provide you with the tools for a successful career.
  • The Master’s Program in Tourism includes professors and collaborators who have ample experience in the sector and are specialized in each of its areas.
  • You will learn using real cases and enjoy master’s classes with guest professors, guest professionals and technical visits. Get a first-hand look at the sector!
  • You will be in constant contact with the sector to get to know the current environment, trends and business opportunities. Plus, you will establish a network of contacts that is essential to your professional future.
  • You will have the chance to meet regularly with prestigious executives and professionals who will share their experience and business vision with you.
  • With your final project, you will go through all the steps of creating a new project, and develop your skills as an entrepreneur.
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