For HTSI, the close relationship with companies in the tourism and hotel sector is fundamental

One of the strategic pillars of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi is the collaboration with the companies of the tourism and hotel sector to promote the successful careers for our graduates, and to know the industry in depth. This is why, from the institution, there are several joint activities that translate into positive results for both parties.

Advisory Board HTSI

HTSI’s Advisory Board was created to maximize the connection between HTSI and the current reality of tourismhotel managementevent organization and leisure. In a constantly-evolving world, the main goal of the Advisory Board is to provide guidance and continuing reflection on the School’s present and future activity.

The companies represented on HTSI’s new Professional Advisory Board encompass hospitality, events, online distribution, offline distribution, retail, transportation and restaurants. It is made up of relevant professionals from the tourism sector and the economic and cultural realm.

HTSI’s Advisory Board provides its vision on the needs of the tourism sector in order to contribute to the formation of different professional profiles that can serve as agents of change for the sector and its constant development.


A professional advisory board with common values and HTSI alumni

Consejo asesor profesional de HTSI. Barcelona

According to Ricard Santomà, HTSI Dean, “the companies represented on HTSI’s Professional Advisory Board show us the relevance and the diversity of the subsectors that make up the tourism industry. They seek to represent the different types of businesses that currently make up the tourism industry, from big companies to the most innovative startups.” In addition, Santomà emphasized the importance of having a board that includes “leaders with values that match those of HTSI” and the pride of having multiple HTSI alumni on the Advisory Board.

HTSI’s Advisory Board will focus on:

  • Informing the School of the needs and tendencies of the sector in order to guide academic programs, research, the transfer of knowledge and consultancy programs to ensure they are always in line with the current reality of tourism.
  • Promote agreements with companies and institutions to provide students with better training through quality internships.
  • Improve the employability and job placement of graduates, and identify opportunities for
  • Promote study grants for students and promote research ideas coming from the professional sector.

For the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi, maintaining a constant relationship with businesses from the tourism and hotel sector is essential. As a result, one of HTSI’s strategic pillars is collaboration with companies to strengthen successful job placement for our graduates, as well as to obtain in-depth knowledge of the industry. HTSI’s Professional Advisory Board is a step forward to maximize our collaborative relationship with companies from the sector and to place University education in line with the needs of the sector.

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