HTSI, granted Biosphere Tourism and SAFE TRAVELS certification

HTSI, granted Biosphere Tourism and SAFE TRAVELS certification



The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi (Ramon Llull University) has been granted two quality certifications: Biosphere Tourism and SAFE TRAVELS by the World Travel Tourism Council (WTTC).

The Biosphere Tourism certification for sustainable tourism recognizes companies that design products and services that are respectful, non-aggressive, and that meet users’ needs without putting the future of society and the planet at risk.

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Selina: “HTSI students are extremely dynamic, passionate and committed”



Selina isn’t a traditional hotel company. With an innovative concept of hospitality, it invests in “digital nomads” and coworking. It also has an internship program aimed at a new generation of “digital nomads”, travellers who want to explore the world while working remotely.

Selina is one of the companies where HTSI students can complete their internships. We discussed these internships with Javier Paéz, campus recruiter. 


How important are internships to students’ professional careers?

Professional internships are a great opportunity not only for students to apply what they learn during their studies, but also to challenge themselves. During their internships, students learn from the activities they complete while also seeing how they react personally in a professional setting. In essence, it’s a self-evaluation exercise.

Through our internship program, at Selina we combine professional experience with a profound sense of belonging to our surroundings, our culture, and our true, significant connections.

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Objective: travel to all 194 countries



“My name is Alexis Pierre Ramos Riviere. I’m a graduate of the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management (2014) and a French citizen. I’ve been constantly on the move ever since I was little. I was born in Paris, and when I was two my family and I moved to Santiago de Chile. From there, we moved to Madrid, Biarritz and Barcelona. I’ve had all sorts of nationalities since I was a child, speaking three languages daily and with the mindset of a Niño del Mundo—a ‘child of the world’.”

“Eventually, I grabbed my backpack and set out to circle the globe. That marked the start of my real life, as an adventurer. My goal was to make it to Australia from my house in Biarritz without ever setting foot on an aeroplane. That’s also when I created my Facebook travel blog, Carnet de Voyages, where I post pictures, videos and information on my adventures all around the world.”

“Since then, I’ve worked while I travel: wine businesses in Central America, crossing the Atlantic on a 14-metre catamaran, making music and recording music videos around the world… Finally, I found my way to Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, where I am now, ready to start my career as an artist with a great team. My stage name is Niño del Mundo. You can find me on Facebook (@CarnetdeVoyagesAlexisRamos and @ninodelmundo777), Instagram (Adventurous_Frenchy1991 and ninodelmundo_kingpirata)”.

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The essence of the journey is the people you meet


nina-roma_amsterdam-1“My name is Nina Roma. I was born in Barcelona on March 3rd, 1991, to a Catalan mother and an Italian father. Traveling gives me a reason to exist, and writing helps me experience it. What’s my hobby? Meeting people on the street. My ideal life? Living in a different city each month. Getting to know people, letting myself be inspired, and soaking up the vibe of each destination. Sometimes, I also give lectures on the message of living, which fascinates me. Every now and then, I offer a reflection that gives my audience a taste of a different reality; of course, I always add a dash of humour. Ever since I was born, I’ve had a rare disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa, so some people call me a “butterfly child”. You can follow me on Instagram at @ninetaroma”


I travel because… 

Because it’s the only way to find myself. My true self comes out when I’m on a plane, eager to catch a whiff of a new city, a city yet to be discovered.

How many countries have you visited? 

Twelve: Spain, Italy, France, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Greece, Andorra, the United Arab Emirates, and Japan. 

Choose one country and tell us why.

Japan. It was always my dream to go, and it still is. Because of the culture, all the beautiful temples, and the close connection people have with nature.

Is there anywhere you’d never visit again? 

There’s no destination I’d never go back to. I can’t leave a place satisfied unless I’m certain I’ll be back someday. 

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An HTSI investigation studies the contributions of women’s associations to female empowerment


la-contribucion-de-las-asociaciones-de-mujeres-a-su-empoderamiento“Women managers in tourism: Associations for building a sustainable world” is the title of an article by HTSI researchers and professors Daniela Freund and Gilda Hernández. The article, published in the April edition of Tourism Management Perspectives, focused on the contributions of women’s associations to female empowerment in the tourism sector.

Although women make up a large part of the tourism workforce, they mostly hold low-level, precarious jobs. In management positions and on boards of directors, they are seriously underrepresented.

Through interviews with female leaders from management associations in Catalonia, this study identified the roles and goals of these associations, the barriers women have faced in their search for high-level corporate positions, and future challenges to female leadership.

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Big Data and personalization, key to the reactivation of the tourism sector



The habitual use of big data by most tourism and hotel companies and the use of data analysis to personalize service to the utmost are two clear trends being applied to the reactivation of the sector. This is according to the experts who participated in the latest #HTSIWebinar, held on May 6, which focused on managing the uncertainty of tourism demand in the future. 

Claudia Rodríguez, director of marketing and direct sales for Ona Hotels; Laura Martínez, director of client success for The Hotels Network; and Fernando Ramiro, director for Spain and Portugal for Expedia Group, all took part in a debate mediated by Albert Fornells, vice dean of HTSI. They discussed how to manage the reactivation of the tourism sector with the use of technology.

All three participants agreed that the data from past years that hotels generally use to establish predictions are no longer useful due to the current pandemic. As a result, companies must learn to use new tools that allow for real-time management of digital data generated both internally and by the competition.

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Santomà, dean of HTSI: “I think that when we get back to normal, there’ll be a big boom in travel”



What will travel be like after the pandemic? What challenges will destinations have to face to coax an “injured” tourist market? Is this the end of low-cost, mass tourism? Ricard Santomà, dean of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, offered some answers. We know we’ll travel again, but what will it be like?

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The world of motor homes and the authentic journey


anna-bove_alumni-htsi-1“My name is Anna Bové and I’m a former student of HTSI. I love travelling and the simple things in life. I consider myself a restless adventurer, but I’m also a calm person. My partner and I were talking about buying a van and adapting it as a living space so we could travel the world in it. Finally, in 2019, we took the plunge: we bought the van and began to transform it into our home on wheels (@viajandoenblue). Now, we tell the story of our project on the website Viajando en Blue


Tell us about your trip. 

In the summer of 2020, we started our first long trip—almost 5 months—in our old VWT4 with our little dog, Xena. More than travelling, it was about living on the road in a new region of Europe. At first we’d move somewhere new each day, but later on we adapted a calmer approach. We visited towns and did our shopping, but we loved nature the most: discovering lakes, rivers or forests. Still, every now and then we’d also visit big cities and capitals.

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Mass COVID-19 testing at URL campuses


covid19-cribratges-campusAll non-vaccinated, asymptomatic members of the URL community can voluntarily participate in the mass testing campaign organized by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Catalonia. The goal of this testing is to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and return to normality as soon as possible.

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The adventure of living without limits



“I’m a travelling adventurer who gets around in a wheelchair ever since a motorcycle accident I had when I was 18. After a long and difficult process, I learned that there were plenty of things I could still do. I started to exercise, drive, work… But the whole time, I was yearning to fulfil my dream of travelling the world.

Finally, that day came. I’ve spent the last seven years living and travelling all over the world. I love to travel and discover new, fascinating cultures, incredible people and spectacular landscapes. I like experiencing and living life to the utmost without letting my circumstances limit me. There’s a whole world out there to discover!

Right now, I’m studying tourism at the University of Girona. I work offering motivational conferences on empowering others through resilience and a positive attitude, and I’ve also given training workshops and awareness talks.

I’m itching to travel again! You can follow me on Instagram @intrepid_manu”


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