Suspension of lective activity

In keeping with the agreement between the Government of Catalonia and the 12 Catalan universities that are part of the Consell Interuniversitari de Catalunya (CIC), all theory classes at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management will be taught online until further notice.

The schools of Ramon Llull University have reached this agreement in keeping with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Catalonia to help control the COVID-19 infection rate.

HTSI, the rest of Ramon Llull University and all Catalan universities have made a concerted effort to start the 2020-2021 academic year while following all the measures required to ensure safe educational spaces. Nevertheless, due to the evolution of the pandemic over the last few days, while respecting university autonomy, the Ministry of Health has asked Catalan universities for a rapid response to help control the COVID-19 infection rate. The Ministry has made this request due both to the evolution of the pandemic and the need to reduce citizen mobility and social interaction.

As a result, the Consell Interuniversitari de Catalunya has agreed to shift from face-to-face teaching at universities to a virtual format until November 30. The presence of teaching and administrative staff at HTSI will be adapted to meet the needs of the School, which will remain open. 

What won't change after Covid?

  • The quality of the learning experience: certified by the School’s history, its spot in academic rankings and recognition from professionals, businesses and institutions from the sector.
  • Skill-based training using active methods focused on the student and the learning process needed to acquire professional skills.
  • The talent mix among faculty. An appropriate balance of professors combining profiles based on academics and research with professional profiles based on experience. Professors use these skills to transmit applied knowledge and the reality of the sector.
  • An in-person/digital/outdoor mix: the School promotes experiences for learning beyond the physical classroom, with master classes or online group work in virtual classrooms, project-based work using collaborative online tools, the Virtual Campus, visits to businesses from the sector, professional classrooms with real cases for students to analyse, participation in activities at collaborating entities and social organizations, etc.
  • The availability of wide spaces and the choice of morning or afternoon schedules allow us to guarantee in-person formats that meet with any potential safety and hygiene regulations without renouncing person-to-person contact in the classroom between students and professors.

What might change after COVID?

For as long as is strictly necessary, in keeping with the instructions of the University and health officials and with up-to-date information:

  • Classroom seating capacity and distribution of students.
  • Broader schedules for morning and evening classes.
  • Postponement or modification of exterior formats (visits, learning-service, internships…)
  • A slight increase in remote teaching and online activities on the Virtual Campus.

In case of new health emergencies, the School can transfer to a 100% distance-learning format in 24 hours.

Frequent questions

Why have in-person classes been suspended at HTSI?

In keeping with the agreement between the Government of Catalonia and the 12 Catalan universities that are part of the Consell Interuniversitari de Catalunya, in-person classes at HTSI have been suspended until further notice. All theory classes for bachelor’s and master’s courses will be offered online to ensure quality education for all students. 

What will happen when face-to-face classes are feasible again?

As soon as classes can once again be held face-to-face, HTSI will allow students to choose the type of class that best meets their needs: 

  • In-person classes for any students who would like to come to the campus in person (as long as the health authorities permit face-to-face university classes in Catalonia). These will meet with regulations regarding class size, hygiene and disinfection, safe distances between individuals, the use of masks, etc.
  • Online classes for any students who cannot come to the HTSI campus. To this end, all HTSI classrooms have been equipped with cameras that allow sessions to be streamed virtually. 
  • Recordings of classes given at HTSI, so that all students can watch or review these classes at any time.

I am an international student. What support mechanisms can I find at HTSI?

You can contact the International Office to ask them any questions (93 252 28 90 (ext. 2102) / If you feel unwell and have symptoms compatible with Covid-19, contact us through We are at your disposal for whatever you need.

Can students do internships with businesses?

The pandemic has affected activities in all sectors, severely limiting mobility and available positions. HTSI is currently negotiating new agreements so that students can complete their internships under the best possible conditions. Many students are already involved in selection processes or have already signed internship agreements.

What is going on with international university exchange programs?

We are currently speaking with our partner universities to establish the details of the health situation in their respective countries and to analyse the possibilities for academic mobility. At present, students are completing their applications to begin exchanges during the coming semester. If these exchanges prove not to be possible either because of the circumstances of the student or the destination university, participants will have the option of postponing their studies abroad to a later date.  

Can I visit HTSI to request information or take my admission test?

You cannot visit HTSI without first making a reservation. For your own safety and that of HTSI staff, we ask that you request an interview by filling out this form. We can also provide information through online interviews. The admission test and the entire admissions program will now take place online. Additional information is available here. 

Can I visit HTSI to complete an administrative procedure or to speak with the Academic Secretariat?

For your own safety and that of HTSI staff, to complete any administrative or academic procedures you must first make a reservation. We will not accept any visitors that have not first made a reservation by filling out the following form

Can I go to the library?

The library is open; please check current opening hours here:

You must wear a mask when visiting the library, and all individual work must be done in the indicated areas. Any borrowed books must be returned using the automatic library terminal; these materials will be kept under quarantine for 48 hours. The workrooms and photocopiers are off-limits. 

You can access online resources at and find out about the present state of operations in the section Online campus.

What if I have a meeting with a professor?

Since all HTSI teaching activities will be online until further notice, professors are not physically on campus. Please contact your professor to find the best way to meet with them. They will let you know if an in-person meeting is feasible, or if it is better to meet virtually.

Who should I speak to if I have questions or doubts about HTSI’s COVID-19 protocols?

HTSI has an email address specifically for any information regarding COVID-19: As soon as we are informed of a coronavirus case via this address, the affected departments of the School will activate the protocols outlined by the competent health authorities. 

This email address is also used to address any questions or doubts members of the HTSI community may have about how the School is managing the pandemic.

Communication Chanels

  • We have enabled an email ( through which any member of the university community can direct their doubts and communications.
  • We have enabled a Telegram channel ( to speed up communication on any news regarding this situation.
  • You can check HTSI's social networks to keep you informed.

From HTSI, we are in constant contact with the health authorities, and we will inform you of any information related to Covid-19 that may affect the HTSI community.

HTSI Contact

The activity of HTSI does not stop but if the in-person attention ceases in the facilities of the School, which will remain closed. All HTSI telephone numbers are redirected, so you can call the usual contact telephone numbers, and we will attend you normally. You can contact us through the following telephone numbers and contact emails: 

Request information

If you want to request information you can fill this form. One of our advisors will contact you in order to solve your doubts and offer you all the information that you need.

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