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The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi encourages mobility of university as part of their training in the field of tourism and hospitality. For students of HTSI university programs, an essential element is to acquire a range of skills such as foreign languages, intercultural and international experience.


With experience as a methodology, the Study Tours are focused on various subjects, both academic and professional. The university can, through these trips, implement the knowledge acquired in the classroom, meet diverse perspectives of the tourism sector and the national and international hospitality industry, as well as interact with other students from diverse backgrounds.

The purpose of these trips is, above all, so students have enriching experiences with colleagues from the HTSI university community that improve the personal understanding of oneself through experience outside the classroom, and to discover the reality of the tourism and hospitality sector beyond the purely academic boundaries. Some trips have a more professional focus, and are centred on getting to know the status of tourism and hotel development at the destination. These generally include visits to hotels and tourism businesses. Other trips are more focused on getting to know the social circumstances of the countries visited; they are organized together with other schools of Ramon Llull University.

Above all, the purpose of these trips is to provide students with enriching experiences together with their classmates from the HTSI community. These trips improve students’ view of themselves through experiences outside the classroom, and allow them to discover the reality of the tourism and hotel sector beyond purely academic aspects.

Dubrovnik, San Francisco, SenegalMoroccoColombiaDubai or Hong Kong are some of the destinations chosen by the future leaders of the tourism sector to improve the knowledge they gain in the classroom.

Some abilities they put to use are:

  • Mastery of foreign languages.
  • Discovering other cultures.
  • Having an international experience.
  • Getting to know the tourism and hospitality sector from within.
  • Sharing knowledge with other students.
  • Developing the social, solidarity-based side of tourism.

Get to know the enriching study tour experiences enjoyed by HTSI students:



Social Events Committee

The Social Events Committee has as main objective to organize different events for the HTSI students of all, with the aim of promoting the engagement with the  "Community HTSI". It is composed of different members of HTSI and students who want to collaborate in the organization of such events.


Some activities organized by the Social Events Committee are:

  • LindyHop
  • Barcelona guided tour
  • Unirun: Athletic test that aims to promote new challenges in university athletics. Unirun involves the twelve Catalan universities in a popular running competition.
  • Guided visit to the Sagrada Familia
  • EuroESADE: tournament that is organized in mid-April in Barcelona in the Vall d'Hebrón Sports Complex. University teams participate at European and national levels.
  • Initiative "Pianos in the street", linked to the Maria Canals International Music Competition.
  • Bring your own cake

Social Initiatives

The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi is a dynamic university institution open to student participation and interest in social transformation, which makes possible the personal and professional growth of university students.

The Social Commission is a channel of communication of social initiatives of human promotion among all the educational community in HTSI, Alumni and other related institutions, and promotes the values gathered in the Mission and Vision of HTSI: hospitality, interculturality, proactive attitude of service, and active involvement in favor of social struggles.


  • Alas para el Autismo (Wings for All): Open Day at the Barcelona airport for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Blood Donation Days
  • Voluntary collaboration with Fundació Pere Tarrés in reinforcement tasks to students of Primary Education and ESO with disadvantaged family conditions.
  • Voluntary collaboration with Casal Loyola for accompanying elderly people with difficulties to perform daily tasks.
  • Voluntary collaboration with Fundació Arrels in helping homeless people.
  • The challenge of the Ignatian Way, which consists in realizing the challenge of pilgrimage of different sections of the Ignatian Way while raising funds for social causes.
  • Tapones para una nueva vida, collaborating with the Seur Foundation in collecting plastic caps.
  • Olimpiada Solidaria de Estudio, organized by the United Nations, where the hours of study in the HTSI library are transformed into funds for solidarity projects.
  • BML (Barcelona Magic Line) in benefit of the Obra Social Sant Joan de Déu.

Contact us:

olimpiada solidaria


Sport Services

Ramon Llull University has a sports service that manages and coordinates the participation of students in sports and organization of internal links between different centers of the URL.

URL students can choose between two sports campuses, which are located in the district of Sarria-Sant Gervasi:

  •  Can Caralleu, complex, of 30,000 m2 and surrounded by nature;
  • La Salle Sport & Fitness, a club at the forefront of the fitness industry

Access more information on the URL Sports Service

Services for students

  • Universitat Ramon Llull services.
  • Classroom work: space available to students for work.
  • Computers for students in the Tourist Documentation Center.
  • E-mail for each student.
  • Individual mailboxes: for each student.
  • Virtual Campus: Internet space where notes and documentation of different subjects are provided.
  • Free Internet for all students.
  • Tutoring: there is an academic tutor for each year of the Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management and for the master program degrees.
  • International Welcome Desk available to all foreign students.
  • Can Caralleu Sports activities: all URL students may access sports facilities at Can Caralleu at a special price.
  • Cafeteria: space where breakfast and lunch are served.
  • Photocopy and documentation center: self-service machines and copy and binding services.
  • Vending machines: coffee, soft drinks and food.
  • Religious Counselor: Students who wish may contact a person to deal with particular issues.
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